23 January 2009

Humanitarian Organizations: Demand Nazi Aid? 

Humanitarian Organizations:
Demand Nazi Aid?
by Andrew Stergiou Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aid the Children? Christian Aid? World Aid? Nazi Aid?

The battles are raging, the rockets and cannons are firing, all forces military and civilian have been mobilized and Clara Barton can't wait for the battle to stop for her to rush out onto the battle field to attend to the wounded. These photos depict worlds at war, war that were created by those who fought them but my those who refused to fight them.

During World War Two, America good fight against fascism, and the Russian Peoples Great Patriotic War again invading fascist hordes, during Great Britain's finest hour in the Battle for Britain there were many who were not Nazis who sided with the Nazis in Ireland, Burma and India amongst others for twisted and perverse reasons that one can only determine as founded in hate. As I neither love war nor hate it and attempt to balance my perspectives regarding it I am a realist not an idealist, I principled as well as pragmatic unlike many of my left wing colleagues many of which have been tainted by rightwing and anti-Semitic rhetoric. ***

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