26 March 2005

What No Coffee Britany? 

What is this? Grrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr How is it my eyes are not open yet?

"Love is a battlefield" (really? methinks thats a woman for you)!

There I am on the battlefield sleeping Waking without hot coffee, proper rest or
sleep. "America we died" for "freedom of speech"

"FOR THE FREE WORLD" "For liberty and Justice for all" "NOW SHUT THE PHUK UP ...... THE LORD IS TALKING" Can't
you hear him speaking (????) SHUT UP!

Mornings ARE SHITE in London.

Scratch scratch scratch Phuk

On the way to the bathroom Sniffle Sniffle Sniffle

Phuk Off!!!!! How much Bollocks ya think someone can take? Intravenous Bollocks? Digatized Bollocks? Bollocks for Breakfast? Phuk!!!

Punk till you puke Phuking bull

"God SAVE THE Queen It's a fascist regime!"
You wanking lame bastard! On Venus and Mars too???? Me thinks blimie a ET conspiarcy

Hang Hitler! Hang Hitler! Hang Hitler!

Cloned drawn and quartered chopped sauted

No Dear Britany (Spearz) Doesn't get a period
NO She never wakes up like normal folks
Oh no lord she is so
special Cause she has "faith" (pure "faith"
"True faith" then we can all walk on water)
Perhaps what happened (to the Dixie
Perhaps what (to the Dixie Chicks: Didn't they come from Jersey?) influenced her

Us poor folk are the ones that will defend the real America Cause we got nothing to lose

Oh no me my she is no rebel daughter of mine
Nor Huey Long or Big Easy Jambalaya
No She don't rassle alligators like Ellie May
No She don't never do (she's special)
Also she neva did. No sir

She "has moved on up to Da Big time

To the DeLuXe ApaRTment in the sky

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