02 August 2008


Mr Depperman has drawn the attention of many and has been viciously attacked by the so called Yippies For the last two Yippies I knew were Abbie And Anita Hoffman not Dana Beale, Aron Kay Pieman man, and all the other pretentious jerks that hung out in Yippie-Hippiedom because allegedly all the Yippies have do is have some connection with POT (sales or use).Unfortunately they regardless of their accustaions of him seem to stoop lower than he ever has perhaps what he says about them is correct, perhaps what their say about he is correct in that they both accuse each other:he them of being CIAthey him of being DEA CIAdoes not preclude that they both can be dupes and agents of all they accuse each other.frankly in the fray in that he allegedly a leftist sans organized groups particpation [an individual]) is merely perhaps a a rabid well meaning person he comes out much better than the fould mouthed low life incompassionate, yippies et al who can not speak or write with out the most crudest of language within which they contrieve in accustation what they accuse him of.Perhaps like the CIA in the Phillipines having two separate groups supporting both sides of the Peoples Revolution in this cases the Yippies and Depperman are two sides of US counter intelligence, in any case he comes out all the better for the fact he takes himself seriously while they arent serious about anything except POT ( having a nice party but no revolution perhaps they should of gone to Christianna in Demark rather than Lower east Side Manhattan)

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