18 June 2007


Recently Yahoo has stated they viewed my blog as containing "Mature Content" "ADULT" this was within twenty-four hours of my posting on censorship and spam.

What is "mature content"?
Yahoo! 360º defines it to include words, photos, or images that are sexually explicit in nature and that may or may not include nudity. Yahoo! 360º sometimes also uses the term "adult-oriented" to mean "mature."

Posting mature content: Yahoo! 360º members 18 years of age or older who post mature content in a blog must mark the entry "mature." The setting for marking an individual entry is on the "compose blog" screen under "Show Options."

If all the content in a member's blog is adult-oriented, the person can set the default for the entire blog to "mature content" on the Blog Settings page.

When you mark appropriate content "mature" it keeps users from viewing it who either do not want to view it or who are under the age of 18. You also give yourself greater freedom of expression.

Yahoo! 360º members under the age of 18 cannot post mature content.
Blog entries marked "mature" are not displayed in your RSS feed.

Viewing mature content: Yahoo! 360º members 18 years of age or older can choose to view mature content or not.

You make the choice the first time you try to access a page that may contain mature content. By choosing "yes," you will have access to all mature content on Yahoo! 360º. By choosing "no," you will not have access to any mature content on Yahoo! 360º.

You can change the settings anytime by going to Settings in the navigational bar of any Yahoo! 360º page and then clicking Blog Settings.

Members under the age of 18 cannot view mature content.

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